Onsite Service

Onsite Service is by far the most secure shredding service that any company can provide.  You, the customer, get to witness your hard drives and other items shredded right in front of your eyes.  We also keep an inventory of everything we destroy for you.  We have a bar code scanner that scans each hard drive and logs in into our computer.  You can watch this take place on our TV screen inside our mobile unit.  At the conclusion of the destruction, we pint off a Master Manifest of all the bar code numbers, a Certificate of Destruction stating what we destroyed for you, and you invoice.

We also have the capability of taking payment on the spot via cash, check, paypal, or credit card.  Our way of trying to make your busy life easier.
If you do not want to witness the shredding, we can simply pick it up and shred it at our facility. We will then send you the same documentation as stated above the same day.

Our last option is actually mailing it to ACDC to be destroyed.  Contact us for details.